id this shell dweller  | by dave fishwick

id this shell dweller

can anyone id this shell dweller as i got two at the weekend and cant remember there name , cheers for your help. these are my first fish in my lake tang tank cant wait to fill her up


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also male or female
either lamprologus similis or multi.. looks a little more similis from the picture, but a better pic would help a lot. as for male/female you will have to wait until it grows. females are always smaller than the males, only basic way of telling.
I'd agree it's a similis, peobably a female is it less than 2 inches long?
its only 1 inch long at the mo
Probably Female
i think is a multi.
juan, multi's aren't usually that colorful. use the and look up the differences in the two.
ok tango u know more then me on Tangs bro i'm just starting so i though i could give some answer. i might get a couple of this !!