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id please


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hmmm kinda tough Archocentrus spilurus i would guess but not sure at all
Archocentrus spilurus would be my guess...
i am going to say a species of Archocentrus. Possibly the Archocentrus panamensis "Red"
i thought so as well but the shape of the head looks a little wrong. tobias, check my pics of spilurus and see what you think. if it is spilurus, the eyes will have a blue ring around them
yea thats why i wasnt sure if it was spilurus. There really isnt a good picture of a panamensis red to get a good idea.
Not sure myself.. nice fish thoughg
I just saw a pic on the aca website the other day that looked dead on for this, but I cannot find it anymore :( ... I really like them with the odd coloring and all.
I agree TangO I'd really like some of these myself.
arnt those like in the Aulonacara nyassae family
Aulonacara is an african species That is bright Blue??
well the book that i have dosent show them BRIGHT BLUE mister noit all the AHL'S HALPLOCHROMIS is Bright Blue
the point is william it's not a aulonocara or a hap ... it doesn't do any good to argue if you aren't knowledgeable on this subject ....
after a little research, i agree with Tang O.
a frind of mine think they are a mix of two spicies,maybe hes rihgt