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id please..


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Thats called a holy crap im jealous....I Lol gorgeous fish jay
Is it a type of litho?
sweet I want one its a Copadichromis trewavasae Mloto Likoma Hap
Thats a very beautiful fish. I love it. :)
Jay you have some outstanding fish...i need to shop where you do
Very nice! This fish is actually on my want list!
I new it was Copadichromis something. Todd I'm sure its "Copadichromis Sweet" lol.
Dena, I think its on everyones want list now.
very awesome maybe some sorta malandi,never really seen one like this,Todd could be onto it too,Jeremy maybe you can email your # to me at
Sure is on mine now....will my shop get them, NO lmao
LOL Jeremy. I put this guy on there a few days ago... Can't wait for income taxes to come back. And my husband is very excited about what I have left on the list to complete the stock.
Tony I just sent it to you.
right on ill buzz ya in the mornin
Ok cool, you know around what time? it don't matter just wondering.
prob mid mornin west coast time ,
Ok cool,Thanks Tony
Jay how old do you think this guy is??
Maybe some sort of hybrid .looks like peacock coloring
He's stunning.
meant to say mloto gold crest
just another run of the mill african cichlid ^_~ . All kidding aside, it is really neat! and to correct Jeremy Weir, it is NOT on my want list. Never have been much of a peacock guy.
Thanks everyone for the input, really appreciate it. :) I've talked to my source and told me that's it's a maylandi & iceberg cross. Lol JW, copadichromis "Sweet" is cool but I want to name him "Ghostface Reborn" Tony, he's around 6mo I think. @Tang, ...
How big is he??
Shape of face and fins, position of eyes. Looks Aulonocara kandeense, Blue Orchid Peacock.
Rob might be onto somethin check through the pics
Jay said the guy he got it from said it was a hybrid maylandi & iceberg
Jay, I do like this fish, Just in a weird mood (plus my bloodsugar has been off all day )
Killer lookin fish, whatever it actually is.
Rob, he's around 3". My source confirmed that it's a maylandi & iceberg cross. And I had 2x 4" Kandeense before, their white blaze was only from tip of mouth to dorsal unlike this guy having white on almost half of his upper body. Tang, it's okay. :) Joey, thanks bud! he's my ghostface killah reborn lol
you get all the cool fish jay, its just not fair lol.
Nice! I was just going to say ghostface killer #2!! LOL i was pretty close on my first post on this link
it's nice to know what cross the 1st goastface was too !
lol curtis! I'm just lucky they're available here. Yep Vince Ghostface 1 was a hybrid also
It is a PROTOMELAS SPILONOTUS MARA ROCKS hybrid. I have one that looks identical to yours.