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help identify
help identify
help identify
the fish has light black strips but its so light you can't see very well and when I first got the cichlid it has dark black strips
posted by: Kristina Fair

Mar 17th, 2017
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James Martin » posted 2017/03/20 10:52 pm
The small blue one is Pseudotropheus socolofi.
The other is too blurry to id.
Alexander Langer (a) » posted 2017/03/22 01:48 pm
Kristina Fair » posted 2017/03/23 03:43 pm
Thank you that's what I was thinking but when I got him they told me it was a kenyi

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Alexander Langer

and welcome back :)
Alexander Langer

looks great!
abhilash mukherjee

its a tilapia i guess
Alexander Langer

no idea, sorry
Alexander Langer

welcome back :-) nice group. great to hear they're doing fine w/o aggres
Alexander Langer

nice shot
Alexander Langer