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golden emperor flowerhorn
golden emperor flowerhorn
golden emperor flowerhorn
Hybrid (man-made) Flowerhorn
i have two of these guys sometimes they almost look like they on fire
posted by: caretagunz !!

Mar 23rd, 2006
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(anonymous) » posted 2006/03/23 11:14 am  
wow, thats nice, how old andhow long is he
(anonymous) » posted 2006/03/23 12:29 pm
(anonymous) » posted 2006/03/23 01:31 pm
(anonymous) » posted 2006/03/23 02:03 pm  
(anonymous) » posted 2006/03/23 02:03 pm
I'm not even a big flower horn fan, but thats a beautiful fish
David Brown » posted 2006/03/23 08:31 pm
nice FH how big is he
tonya norman » posted 2006/03/23 08:42 pm
(anonymous) » posted 2006/03/24 09:07 am  
nobody cares what you think "mom"...
(anonymous) » posted 2006/03/24 03:23 pm
Now thats a flowerhorn!!
caretagunz !! » posted 2006/03/24 05:23 pm  
;) thanks guys that fish is very close to 9" i bought it for 20$ at a lfs got 2 of them the first one they said it was an african cichlid the second time they said it was red tilapia but i knew better and bought em ;)
Alex Odesit » posted 2006/03/24 11:40 pm
Tough boy!
I bet Green Terror not mess with him:)
(anonymous) » posted 2006/03/25 05:13 am  
your LFS is dumb. ......They don't even know what they're selling!!!!
(anonymous) » posted 2006/07/11 08:26 am  
thats not a flowerhorn, you guys dont know what your talking about..a 9" of that quailty is at least $200 ++
Shawn Haberstock » posted 2006/11/25 10:04 pm
Wow Thats Really cool
danny witt » posted 2007/03/09 01:55 am
awesome i ordered a flowerhorn that looked completely different when it was young and has changed to completely orange like this one, i read on the flowerhorn forum that it could be a throw back from using midas cichlids in the mixture
Juan Damelines » posted 2007/09/16 02:38 am
Martin Verduzco » posted 2007/09/16 03:45 am
vahid valy » posted 2008/01/27 03:00 pm  
justin graham » posted 2008/02/24 09:18 am
Travis Robbins » posted 2008/06/18 09:34 pm
Mine shall be nice :)
Vanessa Valdes » posted 2008/09/25 02:04 pm
Jeremy B » posted 2009/02/24 05:58 pm
Michael Givens » posted 2010/03/07 02:02 pm
Beautiful FH thats some amazing color how big is he
richard schenfeld » posted 2011/07/27 12:50 am
sweet mine was a regual baby and mophed in to this .so cool
Amir Far » posted 2012/04/14 06:56 am  
hi guys...I bought a fish as a midas fish...but its similar to golden emperor flowerhorn!!!!! help me to know the reality(the picture is in my pictures) !? please...
Wes St. Jean » posted 2012/04/14 07:03 am

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Alexander Langer

Alexander Langer

cool, one of my favorites :)
Dee Casta

Its probably not a good idea if you have it in a tank with gourami & tetras
Dee Casta

Its a jack dempsey
Alexander Langer

as said in the other picture, could be true. Aquidens (blue acara) are know
Alexander Langer

wow, great colors, beautiful!
Alexander Langer

it's still small, but to me it seems as a blue acara is plausible. Wait unt