golden emperor flowerhorn | by caretagunz !!

golden emperor flowerhorn

i have two of these guys sometimes they almost look like they on fire


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wow, thats nice, how old andhow long is he
I'm not even a big flower horn fan, but thats a beautiful fish
nice FH how big is he
nobody cares what you think "mom"...
Now thats a flowerhorn!!
;) thanks guys that fish is very close to 9" i bought it for 20$ at a lfs got 2 of them the first one they said it was an african cichlid the second time they said it was red tilapia but i knew better and bought em ;)
Tough boy! I bet Green Terror not mess with him:)
your LFS is dumb. ......They don't even know what they're selling!!!!
thats not a flowerhorn, you guys dont know what your talking about..a 9" of that quailty is at least $200 ++
Wow Thats Really cool
awesome i ordered a flowerhorn that looked completely different when it was young and has changed to completely orange like this one, i read on the flowerhorn forum that it could be a throw back from using midas cichlids in the mixture
Mine shall be nice :)
Beautiful FH thats some amazing color how big is he
sweet mine was a regual baby and mophed in to this .so cool
hi guys...I bought a fish as a midas fish...but its similar to golden emperor flowerhorn!!!!! help me to know the reality(the picture is in my pictures) !? please...
That's a nyce 1, look in my galley and you will see the fader I had. More mids than fh