frontosa and blue acara | by karrie edwards

frontosa and blue acara


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karrie, you need start save up for bigger tank
its in the works!
nice acara im not usually much of a fan but great fish!
hey alex what do you think about the background!
very nice karrie, great contrast. Good job, you have a great taste, we all know that. I also believe you planning to get stone/rocks 3 d background, I am looking forward to see it:)
lol, me to,and i hope it looks good! I like the pics. you posted! Very nice! You need to post some more ;)
im jealous of the rocks and plants, unfortunately i cant find any good ones like that, edmontons bunk no good anything:(
theres ur front lol.
So I'm looking to make a 100 g tank a frontosa tank but I do have some electric blue acaras would the 2 be ok in the tank together?