fossorochromis rostratus | by ben veasey

fossorochromis rostratus

- been after one of these for ages - a coloured up male rostratus - the problem is they can become quite agressive and completely rule a tank, if they arn't king of the tank they can go brown and very ugly looking - at the moment this one is a bit bossy but not disruptive and he's fully coloured - I'll be keeping an eye out for any change for the worst - but they are my favourite african and the risk is worth it if they dont become too viscious - no female will be added as thats a recipe for complete disaster.


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stunner ben .. hes a beauty ..
They are nice...they just get so big.
yes - a friend of mine had one that was about 10 inches - this one is about 6 - I'm hoping it dosnt grow too big - I know fish are supposed to keep growing until they reach full adult size but in my experience they dont - a local fish store has the biggets tank I've ever seen outside an aqurium and the cichlids are absolutely massive - their borleyi's are maybe 10 inches- I've never seen a home aquarium with fish at tht size.
Very nice looking fish :)
Very nice Ben, i always love to see what new type of fish your going to post. How is his temperment? Hes such a looker. :)
so far - only had him a few days his tempremant is fine - he dosnt chase or bully but became king of the tank straight away - he clears fish away when hes eating - including my eye biter with no bother. With Rostratus they have to be king of the tank or they lose their colour almost instantly and they are the ugliest fish without colour.