fossorochromis rostratus | by ben veasey

fossorochromis rostratus

now fully coloured - he's not that big - maybe around 6" - and not too bossy either, though I have an eye biter in the same tank and he lost his colour as this one gained colour- there can only be one boss of any tank.


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Rostatus are such stunning specimens, and yours is a prime example Ben.
WOW! He is a Beauty! I Hope mine is a male and one day looks like that!
my experience of Rostratus is mixed to say the least - if they arnt absolute king of the tank they won't colour - the problem is when they are king they can become vicious and almost certainly have to be removed - at the moment this one is fine. Being honest a home tank is probably not big enough for a large predator like this - you just have to enjoy it while it lasts - because no doubt sometime in the future this one will have go back to the shop for someone - probably a large office or organisations tank - to give it a a bigger home.
wow stunning.. awesome.