female flowerhorn louie she is all grown up | by richard schenfeld

female flowerhorn louie she is all grown up

ive been so busy havent been able to send any up dates so get ready here they come.


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very nice
Hey Richard..
i have a male and i hope he takes on her color morph.
hello every body i really missed this place.they been fighting my male jag wanted the female fh but she dont like him ,she like the oscar ? im serious for real so my nephew jermemy, needed to get ride of a 75 and ask if i wanted it ,yea so i stuck the two meanest sob s in it toghter and reunited the crazyest love story since my cutty an the darf gt -acura ? but they are good .
oh that morph was cool to watch she is 100 percent mophed out man lol thxs guys,i got to go catch up on you alls pics .
still nice as hell