demasoni????  | by tonya norman


here is the fish that looks similar to a demasoni some one had posted on here...i have 2 of them.. what ya all think


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elongatus? Pretty
Not a demasoni. If it weren't for the stripes (which do not resemble stress bars), it looks like a socolofi. are they a permanent pattern? Probably some other sort of pseudotropheus sp., unsure which.
they are pretty no matter what they are
ya the LFS told me the name of them but i forgot, and said they were rare, which i can't even find them on cichlidforum either...he had them in his tank at home and brought them in to the store to sell, cause he switched to salt water... and kaybee yes they always have the stripes
i will ask him again next time i see him what they are...
kaybee i just checked out the socolofi, they look similar just the only difference is the bars.... which they always have