convict eggs | by ryan peterson

convict eggs

if i wanted too put them in another tank as they hatch would they die if i took them out of present tank and in other tank?


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wooo hoo i'm a daddy? first time breeding u guys got any tips for me too help these babies live?
why dont you want to remove them? leave them there with the parents, they know what to do buddy
how can u tell yhe male from the female
male bigger, female with orange scales on the flancs
idk but i think they are not fertilize all i can see they are all white but i could be wrong.
i have a female need to purchase a long did it take
sometimes it does not work the first time( too young and inexperimented partners)it usually take about 2-3 days for convicts eggs to hatch...wait and youll see..if the eggs disappear dont worry, they will spawn again in a couple of days or weeks
pat, it can take a few hours if your female is ready
Juan, they are fertilize, I only see one is not. Do as Chuck recomend, just leave it with the parents
yeah alex u could be right but they look pretty withe to me again i could be wrong!!
i got my female about 1 month ago i had three other males the alpha male killed the other 2 males and took the female i got home this morning to find... she weas whiter than usall and alot skinnier and i hope they are fetilized oh and you think they are fertilized eggs?????
hi alex!
i dont think you can say that they are fertile or not from that pic.. need pisca new cam for that !lol
hahaha lol
will my other fish eat them?
oH noooo, nobody will aproach within 1 foot square of that spot , believe me
maybe a big pleco, but thats it!
ok ty guys for all ur suppport how many u rekon will live longer than an hour? and how many eggs u rekon there are?
i shall keep u guys posted on the sucess or no success of these lovely eggs? thats if u wanna be brought to date every once and a while
Congrats Ryan. From this pic the majority looks fertilised but i can see approximately 30 that are still white. Convicts will lay about 200 eggs, you may get 100 fry out of that batch.
common Marc, majority eggs are yellowish, not white, where you see 30 white, are you wear binocular? the eggs are good:)
hi karrie!
There's one to the left of the second cluster from the top (I think that's the one you're talking about.) In the top cluster i can see three or four and if you were to draw a line diagonally from top right to bottom left, that half on the right where they are a little scattered at least half are white. Open your eyes. :)
Nice convicts are by far the easiest to breed first time always exciting.