common pleco shedding his skin | by Adrian Roldan

common pleco shedding his skin


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weird, i didn't know they did that.
had plecos for 47 yrs. & this is the 1st time I've seen this .
I didn't know they did this either...I thought something was wrong with him but I asked my friend Cam Gillman and he told me he was shedding...
My pleco is shedding really fast for some reason...maybe that's why you don't see them shed Vince ...
crazy, i have never heard of this either.
I thought it was a gecko when you sent it to me . Haha I was outside and couldn't see well. That's really weird..
Well he's done shedding now...I'll post a pic
Not shedding lol ur,,sand is,all over him, mine does,this to when i switched to sand
Ohh Haha...boy, do I feel like a retard xD
I have never heard of plecos Shedding. it looks like a bad case of velvet.
hee is not shedding lmao