closer shot! - rare....he doesn't like the camera! | by Vincent Steen

closer shot! - rare....he doesn't like the camera!

A closer shot of my son's flowerhorn.


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Vincent he is already colored very nicely.
Thank you. Yeah, he's nice - but I've seen pictures of ones from Taiwan that are amazing! Mine I got from a local pet shop for $5 bucks for my son (the FH was only aboutan inch and a half to 2 inches at the time!) He's grown nice and colored up well....but will he/she ever get the huge hump or flaming red colors as he ages? Either way, my son loves him, and our FH is actually rather peaceful (a rarity) but he's all alone due to his size, and this only being a 75gal tank.
I have a small one growing still. Did the FH have very little color until 4 in.?
nice flower horn vincent.
fh r cross-breed .This 1 look like green dragon.I love to c his hump get bigger,try to give him color enhancement.He will look STUNNING
yup.. Color enhancement food seems to work well. Also, I've observed a lovely hump (on my trimac though) and feed it thrice a day (pellets in the morning, tubifex worms around noon and bloodworms/frozen shrimp in the evening).. I mix of regular and color enhancement pellets.. I also occasionally feed spirulina flakes
Nice FH.. Forgot that ;)
hey vincent...i was working on my own diy background project and i see you definitely know what you are doing... i was hoping you can take a look at the african cichlid forum where i posted with some pics... any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.