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Tilapia butterkofferi
4 inch
posted by: lee foster

Oct 10th, 2009
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col phelps » posted 2009/10/10 08:22 am
col phelps » posted 2009/10/10 08:25 am
Can you keep these with less agressive cichlids, like Geos and Severums??
lee foster » posted 2009/10/10 08:49 am
doubt it, mine has already killed an established nicaraguan. most fish ive had over the years have always gone mouth to mouth when fighting but this little fella attacks the body, and leaves a mark everytime it lands a blow. angry fish!!
col phelps » posted 2009/10/10 09:06 am
Thought as much!! shame they aren't placid...looks like you have yourself a nice one there!!
dennis chiong maya » posted 2009/10/10 09:12 am
lee foster » posted 2009/10/10 09:18 am  
Richard Lima » posted 2009/10/10 11:29 am
Vince Cooper (m) » posted 2009/10/10 11:41 am
tony henderson » posted 2009/10/10 12:08 pm
John Young » posted 2009/10/10 12:10 pm
goodlooking butti!
John Young » posted 2009/10/10 12:13 pm  
Lee, my Male rt does the same.Last time He beat on the female, he would hit in on the sides and try to slam her into the walls and rocks
Roger Hopper (m) » posted 2009/10/10 01:01 pm
kyle jackson » posted 2009/10/10 02:12 pm
Jeremy B » posted 2009/10/10 03:48 pm
bip_ 4u (m) » posted 2009/10/11 02:22 pm

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Sammy Ramos

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No idea, since its full colors are not developed yet. Maybe wait a bit unt
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Hello Diana, welcome to the site :-) Nice shot!
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welcome back to the hobby :)
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cool, good to hear. nice selection
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