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blueberry oscar

here u see one of my blueberry oscar gulping down a shrimp they are also in my southamerican comunity tank beautifull oscars neva knew blue berry existed till i saw these i had to get


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Blueberry oscars are dyed fish. It is very cruel the process these fish undergo. It is either injected into them or they are forced to swim through it which severely damages their immune system.
that is such a beautiful fish! Where did you find that one at? I gotta have one now. I have a tiger oscar, an albino african and a paku
wow 1st time i have ever seen that color oscar, its really beautiful how much ? if you dont mind me asking i paid $40 for a tiger
hell ov a nice fish...but i gotta say its dyed,,still a great fish,,oscars are cool anyway you look at em
they sell them here in florida, they are just albino, the fish store I go to all the time refuses to sell them in his shop because they are injected with a blue die. If they live the blue goes away after a while and your back to an albino
im shocked
I keep seeing an adult pictured when I look up blueberry oscars that looks like a red oscar without the red or yellow coloring (so anerythristic and axanthic). Is this something that exists otherwise before being dyed? I would never purchase a dyed fish but one with mutations causing a lack of pigment would be cool to have.