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black calvus


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Excellent ...
That's awesome!
nice fish i like the 1 behind post more of it
are the calvus', or the comp's a very aggressive species?? im thinking of restarting my tank, and i would have to buy all my fish on-line because nobody in kansas city carries a wide range of cichlids
both very nice tangs. !!
nice fish , how old are they ?
Calvus aren't that aggressive, or so I've read. This bad son of a bizz looks mean but they are supposed to mind their own business but able to hold its own. Never owned one but I'll find out in about 3 weeks when I convert my 55 to a tang tank.
the calvus is about 1 year old possibly more but not too much, they aren't particularly aggressive, they can be, they have a pretty rad fighting style though
never seen those before they're nice i might get one
hey awesome fish love them im goin to get these two and some fronties for my tank would that mix work? and with the doboisi i just bought two babies they where called tropheus duboisi will they get blue faces likle yours??
forgot to give u stars they are awesome just seen the fronti in the pic anythin else i could add any help on these fish would be great never having tanganyika before
hi, i would like to know more about there kind i have a 55g tank just set up. where can i find them on the web or place that sell them like to know more about then. do they have lots of babys? please let me know if u dont mind. thankyou
I'd be really careful mixing the calvus and frontosa with the duboisi, I say you have about a 50/50 shot, duboisi are very agressive, all tropheus are, so make sure the calvus and fronts are much bigger then the tropheus, you still might encounter problems down the road even if it works
The bigger issue in mixing tropheus with fronts and calvus is the diets. The tropheus duboise need a veggie diet and the others not and that can cause major issues for the tropheus duboisi leading to possible bloat and death. Alto Comps are less agressive then Calvus, but the Calvus are not bad as long as they can't fir the fish ion their mouths, however they will prey on any fry released into the tank by other fish and are good at sucking them out of crevices etc. They are not fast but hunt by stealth. Do some reading by googling what you are interested in getting. A key to a great tank is fish compatability. I have a couple of pairs of Juli regani, a trio of comps, a small colony of Neolamp similis, 5 Enantiopus (sand sifters)and 12 cyps and 5 bushynose plecos in a 75 gallon and they do very well together and they all spawn (except the plecos.) You can check my posted pictures for more info if interested.
can not agree more with R Mad on compatibility fish base on diet. Bloat is not sleeping, I have hard time to keep my Cuban with other fish I have, who prefer high protein food. Nandopsis Tetracanthus need low protein food, or he will get bloat at no time. Mine start ballooned about 3 weeks ago, but I caught in time and rapidly change the diet. Still it is hard, since Cubans are feisty eaters and always jump on food first, until mouth can't hold no more. So if I feed all fish less, he still got his share fully, but other will suffer. I trick him anyway, but it's another story.
very nice
Can you mix Tropheus with Calvus... perhaps a yes. Should you mix Tropheus with Calvus? A Definite No.
this the best site on the web .
You are the best :D
Great pic!!! I plan on adding a Calvus to my tank.