barred midas | by caretagunz !!

barred midas

this is what my barred midas has turned out to look like


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i like your midas i have one as well im not sure what type, hes orange and just starting to get his "lump" how can they swim with those? i wish they wouldnt get them i think it makes them ugly
Very nice Midas.. Why do you referr to him as a Barred Midas?? A Barred Midas keeps their stripes. This is just a normal Midas..
Blonde, it makes them a MAN! It shows their senority and their TRUE beauty!
thanks i refer to him as barred midas cuz he started out barred this is what he used to look like
beauty! i love his hump
wow huge hump but beutiful fish
Are you still able to get these wonderful Flowerhorns and Midas Cichlids at your LFS? Do you possibly have fry ever you will sell? You can reach me at and I certainly do appreciate any information you can give me! Paul