anyone know what kind of fish this is? | by tonya norman

anyone know what kind of fish this is?

i know it's a mbuna.. but don't know which...


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i guess no one knows....
i bought a fish like that about 4 weeks ago and my jack killed it. the retailer said he was a demsoni. yours looks something like it. but demsoni dont get very big. not really sure
Possibly a melanochromis joanjohnsonae ('exasperatus').
i think you are right kaybee, exactly the same, i looked it up and it's the same fish.. thanx :)
its a blue labodanios. Just like the yellow lightining but blue same species different color.
Looks like my female Kenyii, I forgot the scientific name... Beautiful fish by theway!!!
deffinatly not a kenyi, the name for kenyi i think is metriaclima lombardoi
looks like a ps. socolofi male to me
kaybee got it right... thanx anyway :)