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If your one front is about 14", geez, how big are the clowns? Lovely group.
great looking group
awesome tank!!! nice fish....
Hi BIP how are you?
Hey Marti! I'm doing ok. How have you been?
I have been SO busy! So......we are moving and I am selling all my tanks!!!! Scary huh? Yes, even the 350g :( I bought a 220 g and have to consolidate all my babies into that one. I am rehoming A lot of them though since of course my cyps can't be in with the fronts :(
Ohhhh noooo I think I might cry. Why the 350? I love that tank. Where are you moving to? When are you moving? And yes, that is scary, you without tanks, it's unnatural, lol.
lol....We are moving in June and there just isn't anywhere to put the 350 in the new house. I will still have one tank though. This new 220 I bought is GORGEOUS and is hexagon. I am putting the fronts, calvus, and clown loaches in there along with a couple others. I sold the 30 gallon the other night and need to rehome most of the fish in the 100g soon :( How have you been?
Really makes me wish I had my tang tang going. I've been ok, I think, lol. Had some issues just after we talked last. My stinkin comp... I wound up having to crash it and I lost ALL my pictures. Not a happy camper doesn't even begin to cover it. It seems to be doing ok now. Still ironing out some rough spots though. Getting more snow again as we speak. Supposed to get 6-10 inches last I heard.
AHHH snow....and I thought it has been cold here in the 60' I wish you had your tang tank going too....I could send you some great fish :)
Wow. I keep hearing that I shouldn't have Clowns with my Malawi. Those look to be doing great with your Fronts though? I have a small group of 3 in my 125, and they seem to love it?
Lmao cold in the 60's. Once the 60's come back here, I'll probably kick on the ac, lol. So how far are you moving from where you are now? How's the fam doing?
Dehn, who said you shouldn't keep clown loaches in your malawi tank?
I have kept clown loaches with my cichlids from the begging and have had them in with tangs, malawi, victorian, and south american and they have NEVER had a problem. They act as great dither fish and add a lot of excitmenet and entertainment to the tank! I love having them :) Bip the fam is doing good, we are moving about 30 minutes from where we are now so not too far but it is a house on an acre lot so it is really pretty and private :) I will send you pics when we get settled. how are your girls?
"beginning" lol
Just kept hearing it here and there and saw it on Loach forums. Of course I bought em before I saw that. And I love I recall it was said that the water needs were different.....but mine seem to love the 125 and the Malawi/Hap mix. Man. This lady has some nice tanks. laughing about the cold......we get 24 tomorrow, but it was sunny and 65 yesterday.
laughing I mean tang-ks
Thanks Marti....I thought it was a bit of a stretch, given the amount of Cichlid people I had seen with them. My wife will be thrilled, she was bumming hard at the though of me rehoming them.
Dehn, I have botias, and a tiger loach, they all do really well in my tanks. They are so much fun to watch. I won't see the 60's til probably April, if I'm lucky. Where are you located?
That's cool that you will have that much more land and more privacy. How do the girls feel about the move? My 'crew' is doing pretty good. They love to drive me up a wall, so at least they are happy right? lol
Atlanta Georgia Had to go tell the wife, she was thrilled. We love the loaches.
When don't they drive you up a wall right? lol. My girls are on their latest craze which is everything guinea pig so now we have two of them as pets along with the 2 dogs, the cat, and the Its a zoo at our house (hehe) Thanks Dehn for the compliments and I hope your wife is thilled that she can keep her more the merrier I say (as you can tell I have 11 of
"fish"...can't type
This site rocks
My girls have been wanting guinea pigs. I just haven't given in, lol. I have the 4 tanks and God only knows how many fish, and the two geckos. That's enough for me to have to clean up after for now. I don't want a dog just yet. I would be the one who would have to walk him in all this snow and cold, no thank you, lol.
haha yeah I hear you. I must say thought hat the guinea pigs have turned out to be quite enjoyable little creatures, they have some major personality :) I will keep you up to date on the progress of the 220g. we are currently refinishing the stand and hood so........
Every time we go to this one pet store, the girls have got to go with so they can hold the guinea pigs there. And of course they always ask and plead, and promise things they'll never keep, lol. You'll definitely have to get pics of the new tank/stand/hood when you are done. What color are you going to finish it? I look forward to seeing the other pics too when you are settled in.
We are redoing it in a dark mahagonay stain. Should look really good :) I really am bummed that I can't keep a lot of my fish but I love the fronts and calvus the most so......choices must be
I'm bummed right along with you. The 350 is what gets me, I'm going to miss it. What filters are you going to run on the new one? The ones you just got for the 350 or will they go with that?
I will use the new filter, it runs the entire 350 beautifully so I may as well use it for the new one. I told my hubby that since I was sacrificing my 350g that when we buy another house in a few years that I get a 500 gallon that is in the center of the He agrees so I will look forward to that :)
Ohhhhh Ok so that makes letting the 350 go a little easier, lol. So you are moving in June, and the next move will be in what? July, right? lmao
hahaha....yeah if I had my way yes :) We will need to be there for about three years though before the next move so I will have to live with just a 220 for now :( unless I can figure another good
Hmmm.... Definitely send me those pics when you get settled, maybe even before and I'll help ya brainstorm, lol. Although a 220 is nothing to sneeze at. I'm sure it will look amazing.
great group, love to see them in very nice tank
wow, lots of clowns
this looks so awesome, great group!