an un-happy rainbow because of the very mean red devil | by john parrish

an un-happy rainbow because of the very mean red devil

I need a new tank. I was thinkin a nice 10 with another small fish.


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C-mon John.. 10s are fry tanks for us cichlid folk!! lol How you been man??
i know i know but i thought if it was justy him and a gourami he might happy. i haate to see him so gloomy. ive been alright. ponds comin along. and yourself?
I'm ok. Just waiting for the hockey game to start! I am Canadian ya know..We are born with a hockey stick in our hands and a puck in our pocket!!LOL
do i need a passport to go to canada? and would they kick me out if i didnt want to leave... like, ever. I really want out... baaaaad. i hate it here more than anyone could even begin to understand.
Canada is a beautiful country. I've lived in the US for a couple years and could'nt wait to come home to the Great White North!!!
haha thats why i want to move there! but thats not really answering the question haha
Yes, you need a passport!! Why?
DANG IT! i was wondering because ai was told you didnt need one. i really want to go there. baaad. realk bad. i just want to live there.
I think until the end of the year, you can drive over without a passport, but u need one to fly.
Hey john... It's just recently that you do need one if you fly in, but I don't think you need one if you drive across! I lived,and worked , in Pheonix AZ, for 2 years with out a visa!! They called me a frozenback....That's a Canadian wetback!!!LMAO!!!!
well its settled then. any suggestions on where to go? want to meet or somethin? haha