albino red top zebra? and a juvie frontosa in the back | by marcus Trott

albino red top zebra? and a juvie frontosa in the back

Here is my zebra, got him from a mixed tank, well it wasn't mixed but the fish wasn't labeled they just priced it as a mixed, but it was in a red zebra tank.


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Does anyone know if he is a red top zebra? or just albino or what he is? thanks for the comments
almost looks like an albino one with the red eyes ...i just recently got a trio of them and they look more darkernd then that big is he..or she?
I guess hes still a juvie, he just got put into my 55 gallon along with his old tank mates but hes around 1.5-2" hes one of the smaller fish but he doesn't fight like my kenyi and black mbuna lol they are crazy
i was just lookin at some pic's and that might be a peacock cichlid
no , it isn't a peacock, its a Metriclima Zebra, way different than a peacock,i hear pearl vision gives free eye exams for new customers.
^lol thats kinda messed up tho I figured it wasn't a peacock because it is so aggresive and doesn't look that much different then my red top (except color)
'other red top'*
im sorry it took so long to comment bak, but wat do u mean by how much cichlids cost