Wood question  | by Julia M

Wood question

I found this awesome piece of wood at an antique shop! I got it in hopes of putting it in my new fish tank, but I have no idea what kind it is. Does anyone know if it will be ok? I've had it soaking in a big metal tub for a few days.


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its impossible to know what kind of wood it is. make sure there is no paint, varnish etc on it. if you can, boil it. then put it in the sun for a week or 2. you should be safe then. i soak driftwood in a bleach solution then drain and soak again with a huge dose of dechlorinator then sun bake it. i have never had a problem and i have done some huge pieces
What Dan-o said!! lol :)
Nice piece.
Thanks for the advice Dan, and thank you both
Sharp piece.
yep, it is almost impossible to identify what kind of wood by seeing it on picture. too many woods look the same after dry. and, I think, it's not so important to know the name of the wood, for this case. the most important is you get a beauty one