Which Syno is this??? ID?? | by Jennifer Morford

Which Syno is this??? ID??

I just bought two of these at Wal-Mart, LOL, I know, but they were $1.99. The lady said they were spotted channel cats, but I don't think so. They look like Syno's to me and after looking at some photos they look like Synodontis nebulosus. I know it's a bad photo, but with the lighting from the windows next to the tank I have no flash and it makes it look horrible.


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I would say Ocellifer if it is a syno...
I think you are right, I just looked up photos of them Ocellifer and it's right on. I looked up the spotted channel cat and I don't see how this could be it.
Jennifer ... Can you get a side shot of one ????
Do these have a forked tail??? If so , they are Synos...
try to post a pic of one out of the bag :)
Sandy, I'm trying, after I dropped them in, they've found the only two places in the tank I can't get photos of...one is in the plant leaves behind rocks and the other is a spot covered my big deco rocks that my three skunk botia's inhabit 99% of the time. I'm wondering if should go back and get the other two or three they have left. The lady said they had been there for a couple of months LOL If people knew what they were they'd be gone. I paid $1.99 each and my other LFS charges 8.99 for this size! (which is a rip off IMO)
They are $20.00 each here in Canada, so even $8.99 is a good price here!!!
Jennifer if they came from Walmart isolate themn for awhile
Oops, Roger I already put them in...?
Wes, that is crazy! These guys aren't even two inches yet. I had a syno eurputus and he was fabulous! so I'm hoping these two will make it and be just as great.
Always quarantine your fish, no matter where they come from!!! Even if I got fish from Vince or Roger or any other of the best fishkeepers on here, I would still quarantine them!!! Better safe than sorry!!!
Yes Wes, I just meant especally if from Walmart
I know , you know that I know, that you know.. Just spreadin the word!!! LOL
Yes , especially inferior fish places like Wallymart...
Jennifer..I have the Euruptus, Ocellifer, 3 Petricolas & not 6 Multi's... the ONLY one that I see on a continual basis is the Euruptus..and the the Petricola's are out more than the Ocellifer and I have only seen my large Multi maybe 8 times in over a yr that I have had it. The Ocellifer & Multi's def like the lights out!
*now 5..(Can't type or count tnight :)
I saw my Euruptus all the time too, he was fantastic and I miss him dearly! I'll be honest, I normally do some research before I add a certain fish, but this was on a whim and so I'm having to backtrack and read about them. I was hoping to get another Eurp. personality, but I guess that's not gonna happen =) Maybe when I turn the light off in a min. I'll get to see them! Yeah! Roger and Wes, what should I do now, since they are already in there and have disappeared?