What kind of pleco is this? | by Jennifer Morford

What kind of pleco is this?

Crappy camera takes crappy photos...but what is this guy? I don't like to buy fish I don't know anything about now, but this was love at first sight and I couldn't walk away! =)


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Some kind of Panaque, possibly L191. They must have a piece of wood. It's an essential part of their diet.
no idea with him Jen but possible Mark is right with it being a Panaque..
http://www.planetcatfish.com/catelog/species.php?species_id=199 L90
Thanks, I'm off to do my research. I've never added wood to my tank, so I'll have to go get some tomorrow. Do I have to soak or clean it some how first?
Tang, that's him! The pic just doesn't do him justice.
Put it in a bucket and fill the bucket with boiling water. This will prevent it possibly going fungussy in the tank. It will make the water brown - maybe a little, maybe a lot, but this is harmless and waterchanges will keep diluting it. Carbon will also remove it.
Oh and if its dry it can take a while to sink. You could put a big rock on it till it does.
I know wood is expensive here, so how big should I buy? The pleco is roughly 4-4 1/2 inches. I paid $19, is this about right?
I'm in the UK but that sounds cheap enough. It'll take him years to eat a bit of wood so neednt be too big. They move along it as they scrape, so maybe about a foot?
Dws tend to leach tannins in the tank so here is what I did with my dw, I soaked it in a pale of water for at least 3 days, afterwards I put it in a bucket of boiling water until the brownish color fades. But there are dws that takes a long time to sink just like what Mark stated.
Although its essential, its obviously just a small part of their diet. They'll eat anything but mainly veg foods are best. He'll demolish things like carrots, courgette, potato, peas, boiled rice, etc, and any sinking fish food.
I have english cucumbers and yellow squash are those both ok? I don't have any zucchini right now, but will get some of that too. But will he be ok for those three days that the wood needs to soak? I see that his teeth are bigger than my other clown pleco's...I'm praying my clowns stay away! =)
Jen, the cucumbers should be fine, I have never tried yellow squash. He needs wood but will not die that quick without it.
Yeah sorry Jen the wood is more for his long term survival. He wont die any time soon. Hi Roger. Are you fixed now?
Well buddy still very sore. I guess he fixed it. I have respiratory infection to go along with it. Where have you been?
Been busy with work, and camping in our Lake District. you missed me by 3 minutes on that other thread. I answered you the next day, but isnt it a pain going back trying to find old pics? lol. Must go to bed now - can hardly keep my eyes open. Hope you get better real quick Roger mate. Later. good night from UK !!
Good to talk to you. I will be fine.. Good night