What am I? What sex? | by Jennifer Porche

What am I? What sex?

It was sold to me as an Ice Blue Zebra


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I have these fish. They breed like crazy in water with pH over 8. I think this is a male because of the yellow dorsal fin. What is name of species? Can anyone help? (E-mail me).
I would say that is what it is but I don't know sex.
Mine have been spawning about every 3 months since I estab. correct pH about 16 mo.ago (55gal.tank) With all the cover, I have never seen an egg or fry until they reach 'survival size'(½"). The dominant male (5+")stays almost white w/pale blue bars,bright yellow dorsal and tail,very long pec fins,and brite gold spots on anal fin. The 2 breeding females are larger-look just like the photo,but no yellow at all.Do you know how many eggs they lay? Without any special precautions, I average 2+ survivors from each brood. Got em all diff.sizes now. Tank is getting too crowded. Are the little ones any good on pizza?;o))
From what I seen they usually have between 5 and 20 young. I would have no idea if they are good on pizza and wouldn't want to find out.
that actually looks like a peacock
This is a Red top Zebra..Peacock?? come on... Pizza toppers?? funny...
I found good info under "Ice Blue Zebra Cichlid". The photo IS a male.Turns out they are 'mouth-brooders'. Females (no yellow markings) lay "5-10 eggs per spawn"...which is why I keep getting about 2 survivors each time. Started with four 1½" babies. Now I got fifteen from 1-6" long.Anyone around CT want a dozen or so? We're gettin' overstocked here!
Ha, a peacock? Holy crap. Anyways, it is a Red Top Zebra, Ice Blue Zebra could be a common name for them.
ice blue is the greshakei....this one looks like a red top cobalt
My 2 breeding females certainly look two-tone "ice-blue" or "cobalt" in color... just like the photo... except they have NO YELLOW AT ALL on any fins... and NO golden "egg-spots" on their anal fins. So I gotta believe the photo is definitely a male ice-blue zebra. They're lockin' jaws and diggin' holes AGAIN! FREE FISH HERE!!!
Heck no, this isn't an ice blue it's a red top zebra. I would know because I have 2 that look just like that.
Well, considering "Ice Blue Red Top Zebra" COMPLETELY describes what this fish looks like i am 100% sure it is. Not to mention i know just a little about fish :) P.S. If it is not that, then what is it(genius)?
I have the female version, but I thought it was a Kenyi? Pseudotropheus lombardoi?
Labidochromis sp. Hongi Island one of me favorites
Metriaclima mbenji, common nam Red Top Cobalt.
I bought one just like him, It's a male. At the store they called them "Ice Blue Zebra" but im sure both names are right. The female is similar but without the yellow. She doesn't display any egg spots or stripes. They are neat fish :)
Can any here link me or send me a pic of a female red top zebra at Shawndog8@aol.com
It is male greshakei. Females are actually brown with vertical bars. I had 2 before. My were breeding monthly and I had up to 20 fries at one point. Don't have them anymore because last power outage wiped them out.
go look at my picture and see if it the same fish as yours
those are red top ice bluez females are greenish brown i have a male and female both juvenilles with a yellow lab they are always full of energy i found this website for them http://www.gcca.net/fom/Metriaclima_greshakei.htm
Whoa whoa whoa! That is definitely a female (Maylandia Greshakei) Ice blue zebra! Definitely not a male! Trust me.
Males also have way brighter dorsal fin and appear completely white sometimes which is their breeding colors.
It is definately male.. Females are brownish grey , never blue like this!!
i agree wes. its funny people that are never involved or post pics all ways seem to be experts, lol
Metriaclima greshakei its a male