Venustus????? | by phlip flop


this is the other one i got with the ???? Livingstoni is this a Venustus?


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Ya, looks like a female Ven.
Thanks Nathan. would these be ok in with mbuna. not had em before.
Yes but they will get a lot bigger. As long as they are not fitting in the mouth.
O.K Thanks :)
No prob.
I agree with Nate, they can get aggressive. They get about 8 inches.
More like 10-11 inches.
KayBee, I did not think females got that big..
Roger, my bad, you're correct. Females max out a couple of inches less than the males.
Nice...I have two about 3"-4" mixed with Mbunas about the same size....they are really greedy with food and will eat as much as u feed them. I just don't know how to tell difference between m/f....
thankyou all. now whats the difference between male and female and is it noticeable at 2 inch?
Male will get blue coloring and females stay juvenile colors.