Tropheus tank, before it was N.W. | by Colton Dow

Tropheus tank, before it was N.W.


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nice kaisers, colton dow....
Thanks Chuck
nice coloring
Yes, five faces for sure. luv them tropheus. Thinking about getting back into tropheus sometime in the near future, Just need to save up sum $$$$. Invested most of it into our Malawi tanks. Nice job : )
What in the world is this tank all about? Too Dark background and dark colored fishes, I bet you're trying to comouflage them for Nuclear war? Looks like a taste of a crabby man..:( Excellent Taste. Fishes looks funny too!
Hey this fishes needs some sunlight to perk them up! are they cave dwellers? Or just ancient?
Next time get a light system before you buy your FISH.