Tropheus Duboisi | by Mark & Kathy Lindamood

Tropheus Duboisi


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I love this fish, I had one but it died a week ago. They are so active!
Yea this fish get bloat real easy, if you are not careful.
I love the trophs in a species only tank!!
agree with ya Wes,this guy makes me want to do that though
Beautiful fish no doubt, but I thought they did not do well with my Fronts (they were too active for the fronts and made them hide all the time). In a species tank they would be great!
Really nice. Good to see your pics again. Any chance of getting a updated tank pic? I remember liking your tank a lot.
Mark good to see you posting my friend. I am off to the hospital. Need to make sure my honey geys everything she needs.
love these guys!
nice fish!
bip 4u I will as soon as get camera back from shop,these pics I took before my camera messed up,and were already on my computer.working on a bowl front tank and stand,when I have time,and the 125 still on going,promised chasity if she would get better i would finish the 125.
very nice , good to see you posting bud!
nice, I like the deisign!