Flowerhorn (Tri Mac hybrid) | by Gala GKS JASTRZEBIE

Flowerhorn (Tri Mac hybrid)

i think this is Tri Mac however if not please let me know.. nice aggressive fish


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it is also best if you do not keep him/her with peacocks...your peas will be murdered
they grow up together and accept one other other!! but other fish not!
keep them as you prefer...but your hurting both species...each one has very different needs as far as diet and water parameters...plus flowerhorn will out grow peas and kill them...peacocks max around 6" on the large side and flowerhorn can reach 13"...like i said its your choice, im just looking out for the fish
thanks anyway .. i plan to add another tank and will separate them very soon.. thanks
I agree with Chris! seperate them asap
I also agree.