Texas Pearl | by mike good

Texas Pearl

I'm gonna get a 150 gallon tank for all my central americans. My goal is to look natural of course, anyone have suggestions on which substrate I should use?


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By the way if someone could ID(male/female) this for me it would be appreciated.
Exellent male Carpinte, Mike. A fine brownish coloured substrate always looks fairly natural.
thanks Marc!
y do some fish shake real hard
By the looks of this fish and Marcs Texas i i think i chose the wrong kind, these Carpinte are just beautiful/
could someone tell me y do some fish just start shaking
when they do that there trying to spawn or teritory fight
I've got two male dempseys that will shake and fight. But before I turn the light on they are laying under the same log. It's like they see each other and get pissed. Than after about 5 mins of gill flaring and shaking they become best buds again.