Texas Cichlid - Male or Female? | by Mike Fisher

Texas Cichlid - Male or Female?


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by the way i have one of each of these two texas and i'm not sure what they are ,but this one looks male because of the long flowing fins [but still not sure]someone on here will know though
agree with Henry, looks like a female. the long fin, the manly face and the shape of the body support this.
sorry, I mean looks like a male...
Great fins on him.
Would say male too at a glance
Anybody know where i can get a Adult Female Texas cichlid? None of the pet stores around me have any. Thanks
For some reason this looks like a Texas/Festea mix too me.
Hybrids are the GREATEST. I'm making some my self can't say what they are it a secret. But also I will be getting a separate tank for a pair of [SMALLMOUTH BASS] I'm buying with 6 silver dollar fish, 7 giant silver dollar fish2 clown loach catfish and 1 single male true texas cichlid. This will be another community tank.
Also with the SMALLMOUTH BASS female I will remover her after they're done breeding and leave the male to take care of the babies he will be with the rest of the fish the tank will be big enough for separate territories between him and the true texas cichlid and all the silver dollar fish will have hiding places they will be known as citizen fish the 2 boss fish of the tank the male [SMALLMOUTH BASS] and the male true texas will be on separate territories.