Tanganyika tank | by Alexander Langer

Tanganyika tank

My Tanganyika tank. A bit crowded, plenty of Tropheus duboisi "Maswa" for sale :)


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i like the very slim profile of the light..
how many did you start with
very common now days. everyone can afford now. used to be $50 ea 2" now $10-15ea
yes, it's LED lightning that did cost me about 60 EUR in total (two years ago). The energy savings over a full year alone paid for them.
@Tang O': about 25
What size is the tank
do you breed them? what tips could you give me, I am a new cichilid addict and have been taking care of a Tropheus duboisi, and would like to breed them down the road.
Chris: I'm not breeding them actively, but they still breed. I just keep the water settings optimal for Tanganyika cichlids (i.e., I'm adding certain salts to raise the pH), do regular water changes and that's it, they are really easy to breed.
The size is 750 liters or 165 gallons