Taking on Color | by Curtis Kurokawa

Taking on Color

My Geophagas Meridionalis starting to color up at about 2 inches... Never raised these before and no one here in my location has either... So not knowing if that's a good thing or not, but am happy with their present state anyway....Only better things to come...


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These need a cool down period.. All gymnogeos need a cool down period (60's) for a month or 2 each year. Most people in the midwest keep them in unheated tanks. I used to keep these and in the winter months the tank would get to about 64, summer in the mid 80s. Once the temp was above 74 i would add more air to the tank.
Thanks Tang, here in the tropics it may be just a little more difficult. Will see how it works out...To bad there's no air conditioning for Aquariums...or should I say water conditioner...Hahaha...
there is air conditioning for aquariums, its called a chiller. Typically used in saltwater, they can be used to cool freshwater as well.