Still Kickin' | by Damien Fallin

Still Kickin'

Woke up yesterday morning to the sound of a buzzing pump. Went downstairs and my 75 gallon was drained...about one inch of water in the bottom. I thought this guy was dead. Half of his body was out of the water and dry.... I reached in to pull out the dead body....and he started moving.....lucky dude. My wife said she heard the buzzing sound around 3 am, I didn't hear until he was down there in an inch of water for about 3 hours! Stupid return hose sprung a leak on my xp 4....


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glad he's still here ! you may think about raising the intake so if it happens again he will have more water left ...
glad he's ok. i did the same thing with my nics but it was my own fault
wow thats crazy,he looks great!
He looks good in the photo....glad to hear it worked out for him to survive....yes agree with vince to adjust your design.
Stupid part is, I have always though...hmm...what if a hose comes off or something...that tank is gonna drain all the way down to the and learn...yes, the intake will be raised for sure. Thanks guys. There was a bristle nose plec in with him..he was fine as well.
He is in my 180 right now until my carpet dries...steam cleaned all day yesterday...couple days it should be ok.
Glad he made this guy is AWESOME
and 1 tough dude
Thats awesome... I saved two neons I found on the floor yesterday..they both made it...but I guess its not a big of a feat as
glad to see he is ok..
Glad to hear he is doing fine.
Yep, one tough fish!