Spilonotus??? | by todd johnson


what kind of Protomelas is this???


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with those spots are sure its not copadichromis of somesort,what is this Vince??
I think you might be right what about maybe a copadichromis verduyni?
looks more like a Hemitilapia oxyrhynchus ... http://www.malawimayhem.com/profile_show.php?id=195
i was thinking copadichromis conophoros, the snout just seams to rounded to be the hemitilapia,dont it? double check Vince please just to asure im wrong,Vince i love that cichlid forum they almost have too many,there alot of haps and peacockson there ive never seen
heck the more i look at the more it looks like a spilonotus. i didn't notice that yellow anal fin which the spilonotus has. the 1st spot is in the right spot for it too. it is in rough shape now let's give it time & see if it develops that yellow color