Spawning time! Come on babies! | by Rhea H

Spawning time! Come on babies!


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Good luck!! They look awesome.
sweet, Which tank are these guys in??
They are in my 100 gallon long tank (the one we plucked Johannii's from) and currently housed with clown loaches, Discus, and various other loaches. Planning on a few more Discus in there. Since I moved most of my Africans over to the other 100 gallon, this tank is very peaceful. Going to swap some more Clown loaches over from another tank and I think that's it for this one. Maybe a few tetra's or something, but I'm liking how mellow it is
great colors
tiny.. :)
this is a pulcher "yellow form" Rhea I have had best luck @7.0ph with breedn also you get even numbers male/female also @80 degrees farenheit just lil bit of info...
Thanks Steve! I keep this tank at 82 for the Discus and loaches as well