Silk flowerhorn | by Miguel Salazar

Silk flowerhorn

Can anyone tell me if this is a male or female silk flowerhorn.


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How big? Looks female right now.....
2 1/2 inches
Then i would say that it is to early to tell. Could go either way.
One of my favorite fish. Love it
Actually they start breeding at 4 inches. My buddy has been breeding his Red Dragon and Thai silk since they were 3.5 inches. Those fry are gonna turn out nice. Also looks like a male. You see the lil KOK on him. He's gonna be a masterpeice. I just love flowerhorns. I never had a silk but imma get one very soon!
I'm like a flowerhorn expert. Just gotta have my Flowerhorns. Oh and they are called Thai silks or blue diamonds.
thank you. Just hope it is a male.
Well i really think this is male, because usually the female silks will have a no KOK or just mainly 2 or more black markings on its body.
Wait till around 4 Inches before you make a final decision , but looks like a potential male