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OMG,OMG,OMG,OMG. Holy freaking salvini. Dude!!!!! This is my dream for my guys!! I can't stop WOW-ing! How big is this guy? How old? What size tank? Damn! manuel- if you want, check out my pics, I have two male salvinis I got early august, they are now 4" and 4.5" how long did it take for this guy to get this big? SORRY FOR FLIPPING OUT EVERYONE you know I do not normally do this, but...c'mon, I'm a slavini guy,
About 10" and 3 years in this pic.
Thats insane! How did you get him to 10"?!? Thats the biggest salvini I've ever heard of. What size tank did you raise him in?
wow, great sal. i have never heard of one this big. he's quite the beast
I feed him with dog food...
lol, it seems to work
omg, dog food? thats, but proven to work. jeez, too bad I have cats not dogs. lol
make an experience, cats food results too.
i have fed my fish dog food in the past when i ran out of pellets and was too lazy to go the lfs but only for a day or 2. typically, dog food doesnt get much above 25% protien. my fish loved it
I'm planning on starting to feed my guys shrimp soon... I guess thats close to cat food, lol
ooh and peas are soon on the agenda aswell
very nice..
Monster Sal! Very impressive.
A beauty!