Red Zebra Papa | by Kevin Nanaumi

Red Zebra Papa


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I have two of these guys and they breed with anyone willing! I have had about 40 babies from my dominant male :)
He's got great color too him! My albino zebra male is the dominant guy in my tank too. He loves the female venustus I just got, she's the only female in there. So I'm just waiting to see how they look. ;)
i have a large albino zebra downstairs in a grow out tank right now. he looks really mean and actually he was returned to the lfs that i got him because he was way too mean in their tank. i put him into my main show tank and within a couple days, he got the crud beaten out of him. and i'm trying to get a picture of my other dominant red zebra. he is also downstairs only, he color is amazing.. he is about 10 times brighter than the male above.