Red Top Zebra glow | by Scott Fisher

Red Top Zebra glow


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very nice
thanx fourdell.Been a while since he has been colored this nicely. I was posting the other pics and noticed him all neon :)So went and grabbed the camera
yep he colorful alright, nice one for sharing this
Scott he is gorgeous. What ever flipped his switch I hope it keeps happening. :)
Yep real nice. This looks like a Mphanga variant (Black bars do not extend into the dorsal). It's been tenatively named Met. "emmilitos". (Stauffer, J.R., Jr., N.J. Bowers, K.A. Kellogg, and K.R. McKaye. 1997.) Although the this hasn't been universally accepted yet. FYI
I was thinking that too way back after seeing a pic of an Emmilitos one time?? but no one ever brought it up before so I just kept calling him a red top.
he is an awesome looking fish
It's much easier, and more descriptive to call it a red top imo. I don't know if the small differences that the above authors used in splitting the red top zebras (Emmilitos, Pyrsonotus, Sandracinos, and Thapsinogen) was mreally worth the effort....But I guess they have Mortgages too...:)
I've never heard of the latter 2 you have mentioned...I'll have to go look em up now :) thanx for the help James :))
Check this site out.
Beauty !
Sweet fish..
very cool
Really, really bright
Great color.
so beautiful
This is The red top Emmilitos, use to becalled Pseudotropheus Red Top Zebra. easilly Identifiable by its bulky size and the blue streak above the yellow dorsal fin. they look very dull as juveniles.