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Red Terror
Red Terror
Red Terror
Cichlasoma festae
posted by: Devonta Smith

Mar 9th, 2017
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Vince Cooper (m) » posted 2017/03/15 07:06 am
Alexander Langer (a) » posted 2017/03/22 01:47 pm
cichlid i-am » posted 2017/04/02 11:12 pm
nyce, I have a young hopefully female growing out in a 20g long. great looking youngster by the way.
Devonta Smith » posted 2017/04/03 01:51 pm  
Thanks cichlid i-am. The females are very nice!
James Martin » posted 2017/04/04 12:09 pm
That's not a festae.
It's actually a uropthalmus. Called (incorrectly) red terror by most retailers.
True red terrors are quite different, and rather rare.
Devonta Smith » posted 2017/04/10 08:01 pm  
James I beg to differ, this is a true RT and not a Myan cichlid.if you look at the tail the eye is on the upper portion of the tail and not in the center. Also when he is fully barred up you can see his Y.

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chris luciano

really eleglant you did a beautiful job the best of luck to you
chris luciano

really nice tank
chris luciano

like those rocks
chris luciano

really like this tank setup
chris luciano

really nice tank dont have to be big to be beautiful
chris luciano

really nice rock work
chris luciano

cool idea