Real, Not real?  | by Jennifer Morford

Real, Not real?

I just don't think he's a true Red Terror...but he's like half an inch, so he could surprise me. =) I think I'll move him to the empty 15 in about a week, I just wanted to keep that open for sick fish though. Oh well.


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I forgot to add that I asked Damien to send me some pics of his and along with his opinion, I got taken for a ride. =P
They dont look like festae to me. Here's a short vid of some 1" festae. They do have faint stripes but they have a distinct row of spots along the side.
Forgot to count the stripes before. They have 7 between tail spot and gill cover, so True Mayans, not false
What's this THEY....I mean's late...I need my beauty sleep.
not rt. i have one this size. and he looks diff. from this.