Setup for Malawi Cichlids  | by Fady El-Bahrawy

Setup for Malawi Cichlids

75g tank set for peacocks and haps. Quartz sand gravel, wood, plastic decos for the kids. Canister filter with 710 gal/hr power head, using lava rocks and ceramic ring media. Question: store advised to use bark as a back ground, would it be suitable for this setup?


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You need to make sure it does not lower the pH of the water, some woods tend to emit some acids. I guess you can just fill it with water and measure the pH after, say, one or two weeks.
Well thank you Alexander. I discarded the idea of adding bark. Now a week passed after filling water, PH shows 8-8.5, temp @ 76 F. Just added 5 cichlids in (2" size). I should be adding the rest in 10 days (around 14 more)
sounds good ;)