RIP Pilot :( | by Julia M

RIP Pilot :(

We had an ice storm a week ago and the power went out all day. My favorite fish, Pilot, was the only one that did not make it. I am still very discouraged. What do you guys do when the power goes out to keep the tank going?


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I use battery operated aerators . Sorry about your loss.
Good suggestion Rachel. The work for a bit. Sorry....losing fish sucks..especially your fav. ..
That was a great looking fish. Sorry for your loss.
Sorry :(
I use a UPS, I use these devices to keep servers powerd when power goes down. Mine can keep my aquarium going for 6 hours. You can get them a the bigger computer stores.
Sorry you lost him.
Thanks for the advice & condolences everyone
sorry for your loss, was a beautiful looking fish