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hello everybody! :) i was just wondering if anybody on here has had any experience with these guys. i am thinking about purchasing 1 and i want it to be a good fit with my other fish. i am looking to buy a large male. any info would be great!!! pic came from thanks!!


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Hi again Sarah.. What will it be going in with, and what size were you planning on getting, and what size are your present fish???
This fish really looks like an Aulonocara, jacobfriebergi... Could be a variant, I'll research this and let you know...
hey Wes. :) he would be going in with 3 fronts (4-5 in.), 2 otter points (3-4 in), 3 acei's (3-4in), 2 electras (2-3 in), 2 dolphins (1 1/2-2 in), 1 t-reef (2-3 in), and 1 big ole sucker fish. the people i would buy him from have 1-2 inchers all the way to show specimens at 6 inches.
Check out the one i posted. right next to this pic. this is a jacobfriebergi.. A varient of one..
they have great fish
Thr otter points are a variant of jacobfriebergi....
they really do tony. i've gotten so many from them. :)