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Yellow Lab Cichlids

My brother gifted me with these 5 beauties. As of today one of them has given birth to some fry.


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I have two questions, how does one delete pictures. I have duplicates. I need to delete one. The other question is how can I change my username. I don't want my email address as my username. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
P.S. that was kind of rude of me not to greet you all. Hello, and can someone please help me.
Hello Rosa, welcome to the site :-) Congrats to the fries! I love yellow labs, they are one of my favorite Malawis. PS: see my email regarding the username and the duplicates. Sorry for the inconveniences.
Hey Alexander, I just responded to your email. Thank you so much for taking care of that for me. Looking forward, to learning from everyone else on this site. I didn't even know that Yellow Labs are Malawis. I learned something new on today. :)...