Pseudotropheus socolofi | by BlueBerry Wizard

Pseudotropheus socolofi

This is the second smallest of my 3 Pseudotropheus socolofi's. This is also the first picture I have uploaded to The cichlid is an Albino one so it has red eyes. A better name for it is Pseudotropheus socolofi (Albino). Please comment on it, and if you have any good tips on breeding them please post those too.


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Thanks for the posting Chris!
Never seen an albino socolofi before,nice.
These guys are really cool, once I get my 90 gallon tank (which, will be very, very soon) hopefully I'll be able to breed them.
Blueberry ?? Are you as lame as that screen name ?? Never mis-spelled anything ?? Idiot !!
this fish looks stressed
Paul I am extremely sure that my Cichlids are not stressed. He isn't showing any odd colours or anything and, you really can not judge a fish's wellbeing from a picture.
nice pics very clear i'm impress
Thank you.
R.I.P. all my Albino Pseudotropheus socolofi have past away :( Luckily shortly after another breeder sold me a pair of 3 new albino ones. These ones are pinkish instead of white, and have a somewhat different shape to their body.