Blue & Black Cichlid | by Pete WATERDOG

Blue & Black Cichlid

I was at a Petco just looking to see what was new. I was working and I was just out for lunch. I saw these guys in a tank were they keep all there plants with no price.I asked the worker how much They were, He said "There free". I laughed and said "excuse me?.. really how much?." Once again, he said "For free. Some one dropped them off had to leave town." Wow was I excited I told him that I would be back to pick them up. I didnt know what there were I look online and price them for 20 dollars each, sweet. I love the info on this site ill be posting more pics soon. Im a new member im in the Orlando area.


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right place, right time, beautiful fish. lucky you, and welcome
Is that a new tank ? Have you raised fish before ?
Very nice! Can't beat free, lol. Welcome to the site.
Thanks guys. Yes its new set up .Its been a while since ive had a tank set up .Im back into the hobby I really like .now with site it really helps when I have questions.
Great timing... these guys look nice.. welcome to the site....
Can anyone tell what is the exact name of this cichlid species?