Pic of other JD | by Jennifer Morford

Pic of other JD

I thought this one was the male and the other one I posted was the female. This guy is a good inch bigger than the other one. (Please don't crucify me for what's in the tank with them LOL...they all co-exist great right now and I'm hunting down a used 55)


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this is female aswell
Really!!! LOL
kinda looks like you have two ladies. if you really want these to blossom, try for at least a 75.
Kyle, I really want to, but right now just getting the 55 is killing my husband. LOL Once I move some fish around, I'll have one empty 30 set up and one empty 15 set up that I can sell or see if someone will trade me those two for a 75 tank and some accessories.
i hear ya girl, its not always easy to get bigger tanks, took me years to get to the size i have now. the only reason i said that, is my nephew has my jd's brother in a 55, and while he has more color than my guy, hes WAY smaller, and my guy started out smaller than he was. he just had larger tanks to grow in, and it made all the diff. in the world.
Def. Female Jenny from the block!! LOL
My husband doesn't exactly share the same feelings about my hobbies. =P He thinks I should just keep buying small tanks and then lining them up next to each other so it looks like one big tank LOL Makes no sense!!! I feel bad having fish start in one tank, then move up a size and then move up an other size and so on...but right now it's the only way I've got to keep up. I remember what someone told me when I first joined, she said you're going to get "MTS" LOL I wish I could keep up with the rest of you though. How many tanks do you have and what sizes are they?
Wes, I'm kinda bummed though, I wish I had a pair! LOL Those nicaraguense are my new additions...I'm praying with those I have 2 females though.
well my first tank was a 15 i stole from my dad. then i got a 30, after years it sprung a leak, so i got a 38 cube. when i got in to american cichlids i got a used 75. then i found a deal on a 120, kept the 75 had the both running. then my buddy jerry got a 180, and was gunna sell his 135, so i talked him in to trading my 120 for it and just selling it. but one thing i learned that you can tell your husband is a larger tank is much more stable than a smaller one, and the fish will do much better. you just have to let him find a fish he really likes, then you can get him hooked.
ive definatly got MTS up and running i have 3 55 gallons, 2 30 gallons, 1 45 gallon, 1 5 gallon hex and a 29 tall. should be getting my tax return any day now, then its off to buy my 1st 125 gallon, doing so will free up 2 55 gallons. oh no, what ever shall i do with those.....ehehheeh
WOW, both of you have more than I do. I have an empty, but running 15 (for sick calls), a 5, 1 30 and 1 35. I would like to just have two big ones and the 5 for sick calls, but I'm if I get that, I'll just keep adding more anyway. =P
sorry...disagree guys...my opinion is male.
I agree with Damien = this is a male.
Great jd.