Dena-Petricola  & someone peeking   | by Jeremy Weir

Dena-Petricola & someone peeking

Synadontis petricola, I love these guys.


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Love the Petricolas thats what I have now
They are very cool, I have six of them Rob. they are not all in the same tank, 3 in the 40gal, 1 in the 50gal and 2 in a 10gal with some fry. Might start breeding them.
I put 10 in my 150 they cruise all over
That would be sweet to see Rob do you have moon lights on that tank??
Nice pic.
Mike is researching them now. And actually a friend of mine posted a video about these on my wall like a year ago about what they do with their eggs... Pretty neat!
yeah, thanks for the suggestion Jeremy, a couple of these guys might find their way into our tank soon...
cool! hey jeremy how you been bud?